Updating investments on microsoft money

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Older versions of Money available online for purchase, and a Money Plus "sunset" version is downloadable at no cost.1 I've switched to a chromebook as well but use my wife's Windows laptop for MS Money.and writes a dummy OFX file for importing into Microsoft Money. I created a new Investment account in Money called Dummy Investment.Being a Python newbie, I’m sure the script can be made much more elegant, but what I have now works. I ran the script, which imported a dummy statement with the current prices into the Dummy Investment account.Likewise, I still use my many-years-old Microsoft Money.I tried Quicken and was stunned by how inferior it was.It is backed by a Morningstar quote feed and should prove to be more useful to more users than ” We remember that quotes used to be a big factor in the size growth in Money files. one with all of the investment info, and one slower-growing.Anyway, it does honor Money’s selection of about what quotes get downloaded.

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After giving my requirements and looking at Quicken, Gnu Cash, and Moneydance, I came upon two OFX scripts for downloading transactions directly from the financial institutions, outside of Microsoft Money. They will also update the prices for the securities held in the investment accounts that provide transaction download.

So, what do you do if you've been using Microsoft Money?

First, don't panic, even if you have years of financial data stored in the software.

Or you could use this strategy once per month to gather and save the detailed data, using In addition to Last Price, you’ll also see the following fields updated by MSMoney Quotes if the MSN site has things set up correctly: change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, ask, beta, bid, market cap, shares outstanding, PE, volume, and yield.

Many of my blog readers were involved in the Beta trial and based on the terrific feedback provided, Dan Gaier has come up with a very compact and efficient program that has many powerful options which weren’t available in the original trial release.

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