Unity views on dating and sex

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The median age at first marriage for a man has risen sharply from a low of just under 23 in 1960 to its current high of over 27 in 2004 (U. Census Bureau, “Estimated Median Age at First Marriage, by Sex: 1890–Present,” This lengthened period of singleness brings great challenges to Christian men as they seek to live for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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American men are spending a greater percentage of their lives single.

Before you ever have the boundaries conversation with your other half, you need to clearly define your own boundaries.

One question I get asked fairly often—and it’s usually from married couples hoping to instill good values in their children—is “What’s the right way to date?

” They’re wanting to give their children solid biblical advice about dating.

But the Bible doesn’t say one specific word about dating, because people didn’t date back then like we date today.

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