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New signing/sealing procedures are in place to allow for a Landscape Architect as well as an Engineer to release an electronic seal for Landscape Scenic Enhancement (LSE) projects.

The reviewing engineer update screen (S2) is available if a reviewing engineer needs to seal and date the project when changes to the plans cannot be agreed upon between the district and the responsible division (DES or TRF).

By using the S2 screen, the reviewing engineer indicates his or her responsibility for any design relationship between the revised and original components of all other plan sheets.

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The Dean of Students will not pursue disciplinary violations against a student (or against a witness) for his or her improper use of alcohol or drugs (e.g., underage drinking) if the student is making a good faith report of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, or stalking.

In addition, the law enforcement authorities in Johnson County have a policy of not pursuing charges for improper use of alcohol or drugs against a victim of sexual assault.

Assistance in reporting any form of misconduct to the proper law enforcement authorities is available to any student upon request from a certified victim advocate at the Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP), the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP), or from the Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator.

The University of Iowa prohibits sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking in any form, including sexual assault or sexual harassment, and any form of nonconsensual sexual conduct.

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