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It contains transcripts of speeches made by various speakers on "Our Forests", "Our Agriculture", "Our Oil, Our Gas, and Other Minerals", "Our Transportation", "Power", "Our Industrial Development", "Our Industry", "Our Regional Planning", and "Developmental Action for the Northwest Region."A booklet containing a air transportation study submitted to the Alberta Department of Transportation.

It evaluated the future needs in air transportation for Grande Prairie and the Peace region.

We favored smaller towns and quiet lakes/mountains/beaches to make it seem more like a "getaway," and tried to steer clear of experiences that hinged too heavily on one really kick-ass resort.

(Though we certainly dug into some hotel recs.) Enjoy your stay, and be sure to tip your B&B hosts well: activities for you and your your frat bros (Hangout Fest!

Let the kids explore the hollow trees and climb on the massive fallen limbs.Pristine beaches ripe for dumping your cooler of cheap lager!), but it also boasts plenty to do now that you're an adult and attempting to impress someone not wearing an airbrushed tank.Instead of going on the same old family vacation each year, why not switch it up and try a new place each year?(You could even make this fun DIY travel map to mark all the places you’ve been together AND all the places you plan to visit and dream of going.) Yellowstone has the highest concentration of geysers in the world!

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