Jennifer tilly dating

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Unlike Laak, she had no qualms about playing it fast and asked him for his number. The Unabomber made sure that he had a fancy play ready the next time they met up, and took a calculated gamble that paid off big time.After having a blast together at the Commerce Casino and Jennifer asking for his number, Phil thought he’d hit the jackpot on this one. However, she didn’t end up calling, and he took a bad beat on this one. The next time that they saw each other and hung out, he made his move.

After her 2005 World Series of Poker victory in the Ladies-Only No Limit Texas Hold’em event, the Academy Award nominated actress joined boyfriend and revered poker pro Phil Laak as the only poker couple to combine for a WSOP and WPT victory.

The pair reunited for a Thanksgiving date when Graham visited her in Los Angeles. "Tell Us: Do you think Tilley and Graham make a cute couple?

"He came home from Arizona and had a Thanksgiving meal prepared for me since I didn't have one yesterday!

The Unabomber stepped up with an offer and joked “Well, if you teach me how to accessorize, I will teach you how to play poker.” Nope, she asked for his!

In his recount of their first meeting, Phil says that he thought it would be too forward to ask her for her number.

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