Gay teen dating advice

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Would you parent your straight 17-year-old daughter that way? Stephen Russell, an adolescent psychologist at the University of Arizona, says that he and his partner, Scott Neeley, have faced many challenges while parenting their gay son, Enrique, 18.While some of these trials have been similar to those of parenting a straight teen, others have proven to be uniquely related to their son’s sexual orientation.This site provides clear, basic information about sexual anatomy, sexual pleasure, and how our bodies function.While the information about sexual coercion is limited, it contains accurate answers to questions teens may have about sex and sexuality.Russell credits the majority of his parenting successes to the open communication that both he and Neeley encourage within their home, and says parents should remember the importance of talking openly with their teens not only about the rules, curfews and boundaries that are part of the dating experience, but also about sexuality and relationships.

“When a kid is queer, the hateful parent shuts down and wants nothing to do with them.

Although this curriculum is designed for a specific population, it contains a wealth of information and activities to teach youth about topics such as maintaining personal boundaries, cultural influences, and red flags for dangerous relationships that could be used or adapted for a variety of populations.

When Kristin Russo came out at the age of 17, her Catholic mother withdrew – for a short spell, anyway. Like many parents of gay kids, Rose Russo was struggling to reconcile her daughter's sexuality with her own religious life. She spoke with her priest, who advised her that "under no circumstances should she close her door to her daughter or anyone else important in her life", Russo remembers her mother recounting.

Now, in 2014, the internet is awash in parenting blogs.

Civilities is a new column in The Washington Post covering LGBT and straight etiquette.

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